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DSB Plus

If you are a DSB plus member, you can join us as a DSB Plus subscriber.

As a DSB Plus member, you get a 35% discount on the monthly subscription payment, and in addition you have the option to make free reservations (normal price 5 DKK per item). All other terms and prices are unchanged.

The subscription costs 45 DKK per month for DSB Plus subscribers.

Included in the subscription is 140 minutes driving time and a reduced rate of 0.15 DKK per minute for parking. When the included minutes are used up, the price is 0.35 DKK per minute. The included minutes can not be transferred to subsequent months.

DSB Plus users also have free bicycle reservation. Please note that it costs 15 kr. If you do not cancel your reservation on time.

Also note, that when you create an account and attach a payment card, we will reserve a deposit of 200 DKK on your card.