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Price models

These are the price models we currently offer

Pay as You Go with a hourly rate of DKK 30 per commenced hour. With this price model you can log two simultaneous users into your account.

Pre-paid packages of 600 and 1,200 minutes. The packages are valid for one year from the date of purchase and allow you to have 5 simultaneous users on each user account. 

The subscription costs DKK 70 per month including 140 minutes of free usage each month and a low minute rate of DKK 0.15 for parking. If you use up all your monthly minutes, each additional minute will cost DKK 0.35. With this subscription you can log two simultaneous users into the account.

The student/youth subscription costs 70 DKK per month but you get 280 included minutes each month. When they run out the minute price is 50% compared to the normal subscription. With this subscription you can only log one user into the account.