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WINTER OFFER - 100 pct extra for the same price

Grey Keyline

Minute packages - 100% extra driving time for the same price

The rest of 2018 you will get double up on minutes when you buy a minute package.

You can choose either
1,200 (usually 600) minutes for DKK 300 or
2,400 (usually 1,200) minutes for DKK 500.

The minute packages allow you to have 5 simultaneous users on each user account. All users that are logged into your account will be using your pre-paid minutes.

Read more here.

Pay as You Go

During winter Pay as You Go costs 15 DKK per commenced 30 minutes (half hour).

That means that
1-30 minutes cost 15 kroner
31-60 minutes cost 30 kroner
61-90 minutes cost 45 kroner, etc.

With this price model you are allowed to have 2 simultaneous users on your user account.
They both pay DKK 15 per commenced half hour.

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