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Unique opportunity for partnership

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The city bikes are on a rolland the users are really starting to take them to heart. So far this has resulted in more than 350,000 trips in 2016 – 107,000 of which were made in July.  In comparison, 2015 ended with a total of 170,000 trips. This is a significant development, and the City and Commuter Bike Foundation, which recently launched a comprehensive marketing campaign, expects that this development will continue throughout the summer.

On that account, the City and Commuter Bike Foundation strongly believes that the time is ripe for cooperation with a partner. 

New urban e-mobility

Bycyklen in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg is the world’s first electronic and intelligent bike-share system. It is a new generation of transport for the urban traveller which combines state-of-the-art mobility, touch screen and GPS navigation.

Bycyklen is the fourth leg of Copenhagen’s public transport infrastructure and its main objective is to contribute to healthy and green mobility while reducing congestion. It complements the already extensive infrastructure in the Danish capital, thus making it possible for users to seamlessly travel by train, metro and bus when completing the first and last kilometres of their trips. 


The Bycyklen partner will get exclusive exposure on all Bycyklen bikes, Bycyklen stations and also on all of the Bycyklen digital platforms. More specifically, this partnership includes the following promotional opportunities: 

  • 1,860 rolling billboards that will be placed on sites around the city most advertisers can only dream about. In 2016, the bikes have already traveled 1,642,194 kilometers around Copenhagen distributed over 286,515 hours.
  • 105 Bycyklen stations with a total of 2,480 docking points spread all over Copenhagen and Frederiksberg.
  • 1,860 computer screens, one fitted directly on each of the bikes, providing a unique opportunity for situational promotion.
  • The name of the Bycyklen bikes
  • Social platforms of Bycyklen: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Newsletter with 5,000+ recipients
  • Logo/name on our operations & maintenance vehicles
  • Continuous exposure through the many television programmes, articles, events, fairs, conferences, etc. that Bycyklen is featured in.

Due to the fact that the bike-share system is the first of its kind in the world, Bycyklen attracts a lot of international attention and is regularly invited to participate in international television programmes, magazines, various conferences and fairs etc.

Up until now, Bycyklen has been without a partner, which provides interested parties a unique first-mover opportunity to become the first partner of this unique product. 


The partnership will be put out to tender in early August, and on Tuesday the 16th of August we will arrange the first information meeting - a so-called pop-in meeting - at Dentsu Aegis Network in Christianshavn, which is assisting the City and Commuter Bike Foundation with the process.

Potential partners will be called in for additional meetings during the weeks 33-35.

Week 36 is the deadline for bidding for the partnership.

The partnership will initially be offered for three years with a possibility of extension.

The City and Commuter Bike Foundation expects that a future partner will contribute to the activation of the partnership in the form of customer events, participation in its other marketing initiatives, offer the use of bicycles for employees, etc.

Furthermore, the City and Commuter Bike Foundation would also point out that a future partner must be a brand that supports the Bycyklen values in order to make the partnership as valuable as possible.

Key figures for Bycyklen




2016 (4 August)

Trips –  total number




Trips – average length (km)




Trips – average duration (min)




Total number - kilometres




Total number -  hours




Number of users




Number of Bycyklen stations





For further information, please contact

Tina Füssel

CEO of the City and Commuter Bike Foundation

Mobile: 5370 2501



Nikolaj Bøgh

Chairman of the City and Commuter Bike Foundation

Mobile: 2426 0925