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Significant Increase in the Use of Bycyklen in July and August

Grey Keyline

See the entire press release here (in Danish).

There are many advantages in using the city bike (Bycyklen), which the users are gradually realising. The statistics from August this year show a clear increase in the number of trips made on the bikes compared with any other month. In the last month of summer, the total number of trips on Bycyklen amounted to 32,671 whereas the amount of trips in June this year was only 9,005.

The trips in August was an average of 5.2 kilometers long and had a duration of 1.11 hours. In total, 170,022 kilometers and 33,515 hours, equivalent to four trips around the globe, or one person riding a City bike for almost 4 years in a row.

"It's great to see that users are beginning to warm up to Bycyklen," says Nikolaj Bøgh, president of By- og Pendlercykel Fonden and continues, "We are of course aware that the increased number of city bikes and bicycle stations in the streets, and a nice August weather has influenced the August statistics, but it is still a positive development for Bycyklen, which has become a familiar "face" on the bike paths. Now we look forward to, the system being fully deployed in a few months, where there will be 1,860 city bikes and 105 stations distributed all over Frederiksberg and in Copenhagen. "