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Rotterdam follows Copenhagen and chooses the Gobike electric bike share system

Grey Keyline


Pex Langenberg, Vice Mayor for Sustainability, Mobility, Culture at City of Rotterdam
Jeffrey Dost, Co-founder of Gobike & CEO for BikeShare Nederland BV
Torben Aagaard, CEO and Founder of Gobike

After thorough market research and a hard look at the Danish capital, Rotterdam selected Gobike as their future bike share system. The deal incudes 2,200 Gobike electric bicycles and 4,400 charging stations in 130 locations, which will be in operation when the implementation is completed in a few years.

Rotterdam is the Netherlands' second largest city and about the size of Copenhagen. Their ambition to integrate the digital Gobike bicycles as the 4th leg in public transportation is ambitious and completely in line with the corresponding ambitions in the Danish capital. At Gobike of course there is great joy and pride that another great city like Copenhagen shares the belief that the future of urban bike share is both electrical and digital.

"It's a really special feeling to see that the concept we won the Copenhagen tender with back in 2012, is now spreading so massively and to another great a city like Rotterdam. To get good footing in both Denmark and Holland, the two leading cycling countries in the world is huge," says CEO and Co-founder of Gobike, Torben Aagaard.

He thanks the City and Commuter Bike Foundation, which is responsible for operating the bike share system in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg. The Foundation has with its constant and firm pressure on Gobike had a significant influence on the positive evolvement of the system - an influence that has now made many other cities show interest in implementing it.


SMART CITY, yes please

The digitization is in full progress in many big cities where SMART CITY is the ambition of effective cities. Here technologies like the Internet of Things and Big Data are very fundamental. In Copenhagen e.g., the Capital Region invests massively in "Copenhagen Connecting" where digitized bikes fit very well.

"When Copenhagen, Frederiksberg and DSB chose a new bike share system back in 2012, one of the tender requirements was that the new system should be integrated into public transportation. It was also a requirement that the bike could evolve with the city," says the Chairman of the City and Commuter Bike Foundation, Nikolaj Bøgh.

"Copenhagen and Frederiksberg are of course proud to be 'first movers' in bike sharing and we congratulate Gobike on the excellent new contract. It requires both vision and courage to be at the forefront of development, but we chose the Gobike solution because the potential of the solution was and is super interesting. We would like to influence the development of green mobility and the Gobike bikes have unique digital opportunities, which we look very much forward to exploiting and developing. We hope and believe there will be great synergy in having a sister project in a European city like ours and we look forward to future cooperation," concludes Nikolaj Bøgh.