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Operations status - vandalism

Grey Keyline

The Bycyklen system is currently facing massive vandalism, and many Bycyklen stations and Bycyklen bikes are being destroyed. As a consequence, we have been compelled to shut down the most affected Bycyklen stations temporarily, and convert quite a few others to "drop zones". 80% of the Bycyklen stations will remain in operation.

The situation is temporary, until we have rebuilt the docking stations. We are already in full swing, so the situation will change from day to day. You can see an updated overview of the status here.

How does a "drop zone" work?
Drop zones are Bycyklen stations without (active) charging points.

Follow the "Return bike" directions in the top right corner of the bike tablet to return the Bycyklen bike in a drop-zone. Please note that payment will continue until you have logged out on the tablet and closed the rear wheel lock on the bike.

Log onto the screen as usual, if you need a bike from a drop zone.

As a rule, drop zones are marked with a striped ribbon or boards, but if those have been removed, you can check the status of the Bycyklen station by holding the mouse over it in this overview.

Got a tip?
We would like to emphasise that vandalising is illegal and punishable.

We work closely with the police, and they have already captured the first culprit against whom claims for damages are now being raised.

If you hold useful information (names, pictures, videos, etc.) that might lead to the arrests of the perpetrators, please send them to the police or to Bycyklen.

We very much regret that this situation also affects you as a user, but we hope that you will continue to support the City Bike and be patient with us. We are hard at work getting back into full operation.