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Operational status

Grey Keyline

Dear Bycyklen cyclist,

You have probably noticed that the Bycyklen system is having problems at the moment. We are incredibly sorry about this, and we are working hard to find workable solutions. You can read more about the situation below.

The short status report

  • The Bycyklen system has been the victim of extensive vandalism.
  • Many Bycyklen stations and Bycyklen bikes have been damaged.
  • The number of Bycyklen bikes in operation is reduced.
  • The number of defective docking points is high.
  • We are now covering the tablets on the Bycyklen bikes to reduce the damage.
  • Download the Bycyklen app from App Store or Google Play to use the Bycyklen bikes without a tablet.
  • We are converting many Bycyklen bike stations to drop-zones. Please REMEMBER to lock the bikes you return here with the lock on the rear wheel.
  • Tips that lead to the recovery of Bycyklen bikes will be rewarded with 60 minutes on your Bycyklen account.
  • Get in touch with us here.
  • All fixed monthly subscribers will have their minutes doubled at next month’s invoicing as a consolation.

The long status report
Recently, the Bycyklen system has been the victim of extensive vandalism on an unprecedented scale, and many Bycyklen stations and Bycyklen bikes have been damaged. This has resulted in fewer Bycyklen bikes on the street and many defective docking points and bikes, which we are incredibly sorry about.

One major problem is that the vandals are smashing the bikes’ tablets, and when a tablet is broken, it puts the bike permanently out of operation as we cannot get replacements. To minimise the loss, we now see ourselves compelled to remove the possibility of using the tablet on all bikes. Therefore, in the future, we ask you to please use the Bycyklen app to control your Bycyklen bike. The app is available from both App Store and Google Play.

Shortly, we will also convert many Bycyklen stations to drop-zones (DZ). These are Bycyklen stations without a charging option. One reason for this is that the bikes that are returned to a drop-zone are being locked on the rear wheel, which minimises theft. Therefore, it is crucial that you remember to lock the Bycyklen bike with the lock on the rear wheel when you return a bike to a drop-zone.

We are continually working to stabilise the situation and hope that the above measures will stop illegal acts. As a small consolation, we will double the minutes for all our regular monthly subscribers at next month’s payment. We know it is a frustrating situation, and no one is more upset than us.

Have you got a tip?
If you have a tip that leads to the recovery of Bycyklen bikes, we will reward you with 60 minutes as thanks. You can contact us here.

We would also like to stress that it is illegal and a criminal offence to steal and vandalise.

We are working closely with the police, who have arrested several culprits that are now having claims for compensation raised against them.

If you have useful information (names, photos, videos, etc.) that can lead to the arrests of the culprits, please send them to the police or to us.

We very much regret that this situation also affects you as a user, but we hope that you will continue to support Bycyklen and be patient with us. We are working hard to get back to normal operation.