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Fee for unnecessary returning of bikes outside Bycyklen stations

Grey Keyline

Unfortunately we are seeing more and more Bycyklen bikes returned next to the Bycyklen stations, although there is still room for bikes in the stations. That is a problem as the bikes need to be docked to charge and thereby be ready for the next user.

For a month we have been trying to encourage the Bycyklen users to return the bikes in the actual Bycyklen stations when there are available docking points in them, but unfortunately it does not seem to have any effect.

As a consequence we've been forced to introduce a fee of DKK 50 for unnecessary returning of bikes outside a Bycyklen station – i.e. when there are still slots available for bikes in it.

The fee will be introduced Monday 15 August.

If the station is full it is of course still possible to return the bikes next to the station without any fee.