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Do you remember to hitch your metal horse?

Grey Keyline

Dear Bycyklen user,

  • Around 350 bicycles are now in operation – our aim is to get 150–200 more onto the streets every month.
  • We are shutting down tablets on an ongoing basis – use the app to operate the bikes.
  • In the coming weeks, we will open functioning docking points at all Bycyklen stations – defective docking points will be sealed off.
  • Choose "End trip" on the app to end a trip at a full Bycyklen station or in a drop zone.
  • If you cannot end the trip on the app, use "lock bike" instead. Then contact support, who will end the trip and refund you the amount charged after the lock was engaged.
  • It is important that you do not leave a Bycyklen bike unlocked – they do disappear.
  • Please note that the fee for incorrect drop-off beside Bycyklen stations has been temporarily cancelled.

App v. 1.0.
The app has been developed for the new bike, which will come into operation after New Year. The only reason why we have had to switch to app management of the old bikes was the serious degree of vandalism and smashed tablets.

So this is the app’s version 1.0, and some of the functions you will be familiar with from the Bycyklen tablets have yet to be developed. These include the ability to choose the motor assistance level, as well as the ability to log multiple users in at the same time, which several of you have requested. These functions will be implemented in later versions.