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Log in with chip card or NFC unit

You can use a chip card (Rejsekort or Visa e.g.) or a NFC unit to log on the Bycyklen bikes. To do this, you must first link your card/unit to your Bycyklen account. You do that directly on the tablet when you're logged in on one of the bikes. Go to "My Page" in the lower left-hand corner and follow the procedure via the "Attach Rejsekort" button in the upper right corner (see video below).

To log on to a Bycyklen bike with your card/unit, please make sure that the screen is activated and that you are on the login page, otherwise it will not work.

If you wish to log on with your card/unit after the Bycyklen bike has been locked, you must also activate the tablet and make sure you are on the login page.

If you lose your card/unit, you should contact the Bycyklen customer service, so you do not run the risk of others logging on to the bikes using your card.

Note that chip cards cannot be used as means of payment on the tablet, but merely as an easy way to log on to the Bycyklen bikes.