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Book a bike

It is possible to reservere a bike in advance - the booking fee is DKK 5. 

Half an hour before you need the bike, we will send you a reminder text message. If you cancel the reservation using the code in the text, the reservation is free. However, if you do not cancel, the price is DKK 15 per. reservation.

On the rare occasion there is no available bike in the chosen Bycyklen station at the time you have reserved it, you are notified about it, and you will of course not be charged anything for the reservation.

You can reserve a bike here, by selecting your preferred Bycyklen station and time. You must be signed into your account to do so. 

It is also possible to make repeated reservations. Just log into your account, go to 'My Reservations' -> 'Repetitive Reservations' and choose weekday(s), time, Bycyklen station and 'save'. After the repeated reservation has been made the procedure is the same as described above.

To get an overview of your reservations, please go to 'My Reservations' in your account.