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To rent a bike, you need to create a user account. You can also create an account directly on the tablet.

Go to a docking station and take out a bike by entering your username and pin code on the bike’s tablet. Here you can see the number of available bikes and, if you like, you can book a bike in advance.

The bike has an electric motor and will assist you up to 22 km/h. A full battery should last you a couple of hours depending on your riding style.

You can return the bike to any of the docking stations in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg. The tablet will guide you to the nearest one.

The lock on the rear wheel enables you to park the bike anywhere during your trip. The hourly payment continues until the bike is safely returned to a docking station.

The price is DKK 25/hour with a regular user account, and DKK 6/hour with a monthly subscription (monthly fee DKK 70). The payment happens automatically once you have registered your credit card. See more about pricing here.