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Payment and prices

The DKK 200 you see in your credit card information is a deposit or reservation we make, when you register a credit card with a user profile. It works the same way as when you hire a car: the money is reserved on your card, but will never be charged, it is only a guarantee for us, that the card is valid and available for payments. The DKK 200 will be released by us after 2 days, but it can take up to 28 days before you get them back depending on your credit card company.

Why do I get invoices in the mail?
Once you register your card with us, all payments happen automatically. If you choose to, you will receive a copy of an invoice every time you have a payment with us, but this is only for information. You can turn off the invoice emails under your account.

I dont have a credit card. Can I still sign up? 
No, unfortunately our service only works with credit card payment.